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We specialize in residential window cleaning from single story homes up to four level mansions.

Window Cleaning Auckland delivering the results you want to see!

Love it or hate it and as we all lead busy lives these days, do we have the time to be cleaning them on our days off.

Now you can relax and have them professionally cleaned inside and out at a competitive rate so you can enjoy the weekends doing things you like.

So if you would like to have your windows professional cleaned or have any salt stained windows restored to their original look why don’t you give us a call..

The pictures below show how salt water stains have embedded themselves into the glass as opposed to being on the surface of the glass.

How did the salt stains get there in first place?

The property is located on Riverside Avenue in Panmure, not on sea side but across the road and down a r.o.w.

The client explained that during a violent storm, salt water is picked up from the Tamaki Estuary and hurdled down her r.o.w and then bounces off the wall at the back of her house and then on to her windows which are even covered by a canopy.

Bizarre but true, have a looked at the photo’s below.

(click on the pictures to see the results)

Salt Stained Window - Before Restoration

Salt Stained Window – Before Restoration

Salt Stained Window - After Restoration

Salt Stained Window – After Restoration







To remove the salt water stains we have to use our glass restoration methods to restore the glass to its original look.

We use the traditional methods of window cleaning using a washing wand with our biodegradable detergent that we bring in directly from the States and then squeegeeing the excess water and dirt off leaving you with a streak free gleaming window.

We use this detergent on both sides of your windows unlike some window cleaners that just use water only on the outside windows.

We can safely clean your windows up to 4 levels  from the ground using carbon fiber poles and if you have windows on the second,third or fourth floor that open we have tools that enable us to clean your outside windows from the inside 🙂

Window Cleaning “Results You Can See”

Before                                                                   After

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If you are looking at selling your home we can offer a very competitive rate by combining your window cleaning with our shower glass cleaning or glass restoration

We now provide a pool glass cleaning service and can remove those hard water stains from your pool glass and then seal it with our hydrophobic sealant.

Pool Glass Cleaning

Pool Glass Cleaning & Sealing

Check it out and discover how this can save you time and money.

Maybe you have tried doing your own window cleaning and realized that there are water spots still on on your glass.

This can either be that you didn’t clean them quick enough or squeegee any excess water off the window or it could be that you have acid rain spots that are just below the surface of the glass and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, your window cleaning results will be the same.

You will need to have your windows treated with our hard water removal and this is a very cost effective investment instead of having to replace your glass windows.

See the short video below on how we can make your window cleaning easier.

3 1/2 years later and the sealant is still working


Our clients are so impressed with the “Results You Can See”  that we know in low traffic areas around your home your glass will stay cleaner, longer and thus saving you time and money and therefore you may only need to have your window cleaning done once or twice a year.

In high traffic areas you may opt to have a six monthly window cleaning service just to keep those windows gleaming.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for your window cleaning requirements and ask about our special price to clean your shower glass and seal it too!