Builders Clean

Builders Clean

Builders clean, we like to call them “builders nightmares” and from the photos below you will know what we mean.

How to remove vacuum seal marks on windows

Vacuum Seal Marks on Brand New Windows

We specialize in window cleaning, when it comes to a builders clean.

We were recently called by a major glass manufacturer to resolve a situation where vacuum marks were present on almost all the windows on a recent home renovation in Auckland.

The glass manufacturer had already rung three other window cleaning companies and all three were unsuccessful in removing the vacuum seal marks for the this builders clean.

Unfortunately the marks on the windows, could only be seen if there was condensation on the windows or if there was rain or water sprayed on to the glass.

How to remove Vacuum Seal marks form double glazing

How to remove Vacuum Seal marks from double glazed windows without scaffolding

The other catch 22 was the scaffolding had also been taken down and the owners of the home were not keen in having the scaffolding put up again (although it would have to happen if the windows needed replacing)

Our first attempt was to squeegee the window with glass cleaner and once done, it looked like the vacuum marks had disappeared.

But once water was sprayed back on the glass the marks were still visible.

Visibile Vacuum Marks on double glazing

Visible Vacuum Seal Marks on Double Glazing when water is sprayed on to the windows

After trying three different products we eventually managed to remove the vacuum marks for this builders clean.

Vacuum Seal Marks removed from double glazing

Vacuum Seal Marks successfully removed from double glazing

This builders clean, has been by far the most arduous task that we have come across.

Mainly because the scaffolding had been taken down, however we were able to clean the upstairs windows using a carbon fiber pole from the ground and quite a lot of elbow grease to remove all the vacuum seal marks from the double glazing.

After a few days we get a call from the glass manufacturer saying the customer can see very slight marks on the 3 rd story windows which were the most difficult to do.

So we went back and went over them again, but this time leaving water on the outside of the windows to be 100% sure the marks were not there.

And to our surprise we noticed small marks that look like they could be on the inside.

Having then applied water to the inside windows we saw these marks.

Tap on picture and you can see the reflection on the window sill.

Builders Clean

Plug Marks on Inside of Double Glazed Windows

And these marks were on all of the windows internally.

Builders Clean

Plug marks successfully removed from inside windows

A window cleaners nightmare, but with determination and hard work we eventually removed them all.

The Builders Clean End Result

Before and After

Three happy customers,

The builder finally getting paid his last 15% (we estimate this to be a $100,000) considering it was $650,000 renovation.

The glass manufacturer not having to replace all the windows as well as putting the scaffolding back up saving them time and money around $30,000 (49 double glazed windows in total) as well as their reputation in the market place.

The customer finally being able to see through their windows and not having the frustration of having the scaffolding put back up again over their recently landscaped garden…priceless

So if you have these marks left on your windows after you have renovated or built a new home call us today for a free quote for your builders clean.