Glass Protection

Glass Protection

What is glass protection?

Glass protection is when we would apply an invisible, durable coating to the surface of your glass. The coating can be applied to shower glass, pool glass balustrades, windscreens on cars, trucks and boats, balcony balustrades and tiles.

Why have glass protection?

Glass protection will keep your glass looking like new and it is easier to keep clean.

New Shower Glass

glass protection on shower glass

Custom Made Shower with Glass Protection

If you have installed a new shower and want to keep soap scum and hard water stains from penetrating the glass, which will happen over time. Then having the glass protection coating applied when new, will prevent the build up of soap scum etching itself into the shower glass read more here

Windshield Protection

The benefit of having your windshield coated will improve your visibility when it is raining and also at night time.

As the glass protection coating repels the rain whilst you are driving and you will use your windscreen wipers less often.

See an example of the windshield glass protection here.

Marine Glass Protection

If you own a boat, launch or a yacht, you will know overtime your windshield or side windows or port holes will start to get salt stains in them. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try to clean your windows, you can’t remove the salt stains. This is because the salt is just below the surface of the glass, as we forget glass is porous and under a powerful microscope, glass is made up of peaks and troughs and that is where the salt is.

How to remove salt water stains from marine glass

Marine Glass Restoration – Before we start our glass restoration process

windows now treated with glass protection

Salt stains successfully removed and glass protection coated to all the windows on this boat








We have a solution to remove the salt from your boats windshield and then apply glass protection to prevent the build up of salt on all your windows


Pool Glass Balustrades & Balcony Glass Protection

With swimming pool glass balustrades, chlorine and salt (this assuming you have a salt water pool) will etch itself into the glass balustrades over time.

Especially if you are near the sea.

See the video below

This is why you should have the glass protection when you have installed new glass balustrades to avoid the build up of chlorine, salt and also pollen on your balustrades.

Why Pollen?

Ask any window cleaner if they enjoy taking pollen of windows especially if it is baked on.

The answer will be NO!

In fact pollen is actually harder to get off windows and balustrades than paint.

And the main culprits are Norfolk Pines and Phoenix Palms and if you have one on your property or you can see one from your property then depending on the prevailing winds, certain windows around your home or balustrades will be covered in pollen.

Having the glass protection on these windows or balustrades,  will make it much easier to keep clean.

As the pollen, even though is sticky, it won’t bake on to the glass.

But don’t worry if your balustrades are covered in salt or chlorine, we have a method to remove this and you can read more about it here.