Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration

Hard Water Stains in Glass

Glass restoration involves removing hard water stains that have embedded themselves within the glass as opposed to being on the surface of the glass.

Apart from shower glass getting hard water stains and soap scum trapped  within your shower glass door or shower glass panels.

You may also find hard water stains in your windows of your home, commercial building and the windshield of your car.

And it doesn’t matter how hard you clean your windows you won’t remove the stains as glass being porous the hard water stain is not on the surface of the glass but in fact in the glass itself.

Your only solution is to use a glass restoration service that will remove those hard water stains and have your glass looking like new again.

How does this happen?

The three main causes for hard water stains in windows and your windshields are:

  • If you have a water sprinkler in your garden and the water  hits your windows consistently, then over a period of time the water molecules will eventually embed themselves into your windows.
  • The second major cause is from chlorine from a swimming pool or spa pool. Pool splash hitting your windows and as above over period time this too will embed itself into your windows.
  • And third culprit is sea salt water stains and considering Auckland is surrounded by two harbours, the Manukau Harbour and the Haruaki Gulf we are not that far away from sea.

Salt water believe it or not can actually travel up to five kilometres inland during a storm and considering we have two harbours then this could be the primary reason why you have water stains in your windows or windshield.

Need more convincing…not so long ago there was a massive sand storm that hit Melbourne.

In fact to be exact April 2nd 2008 and then surprisingly enough this caused some major disruptions for airlines, but then a few days latter this massive amount of sand dust made its way across the Tasman and only to hit New Zealand. (thanks Aussies)

Certainly not to the same effect as Melbourne, but I do recall going outside after it had rained only to find sand spots on my car.

How do I get rid of Hard Water Stains?

We use the same method as our shower glass cleaning process for glass restoration.

As per below we recently removed hard water stains from a clients window.

(click on the picture and you will be able to see what we mean)

Glass Restoration - Before

Glass Restoration – Before

Although a little difficult to see, but if you look at the white clouds then you will see the hard water stains.

After consultation with the client, we suggested that these stains are quite likely from the pool and as the client had a salt water pool, this was the likely culprit.

We then applied our hard water glass restoration stain remover that embeds itself with in the glass.

(click on picture to see a larger view)

Glass Restoration Process

Organic Glass Restoration Process

And then we use a glass restoration polisher to machine buff out the hard water stain, leaving the customer with a happy smile.

(click on picture to see a larger view)

Glass Restoration - After

Glass Restoration – After


How to I prevent the stains coming back?

Nothing will stop the hard water stains coming back, that is just mother nature.

This short video demonstrates the whole process of glass restoration. (has been sped up 16 x) And the cost to do this window is just $32.00 which is cheaper than having to replace the glass!

However we can apply a hydrophobic sealant over your windows which can see being applied near the end of the above video before we show how effective the sealant is at repelling water.

Thus saving you time and money as this part of the glass restoration seals the glass and prevents the hard water stains penetrating the glass.

The hard water stains will stay on the surface of glass and this will be easier to clean.

So if you would like to have a cost effective glass restoration then get in contact with us.

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