Pool Glass Cleaning

We go to great depths to do your pool glass cleaning!

So you can relax and enjoy your weekends and enjoy the amazing view of your pool glass after we have cleaned it and treated with our water resistant sealant.

If you own a pool and it is surrounded by a glass balustrade then over a period of time the glass will get hard water stains either from the pool or acid rain.

We can now remove those unsightly hard water stains using our acid free, bio-degradable solution that will make your pool glass cleaning a breeze.

Once we have cleaned your pool glass we can then seal it with our hydrophobic sealant that repels water due to it’s molecular make up.

The benefit of this is that it will make any future pool glass cleaning easier as the hard water stains or acid rain will be on the surface of the sealant rather than being embedded in your pool glass.

Pool Glass Cleaning

Pool Glass Cleaning

Discover how cost effective this investment is as opposed to replacing your pool glass.

Lets face it pool glass balustrade can cost anywhere between $500 – $600 per square meter.

We can clean, restore and seal your pool glass balustrade for around 17% of the replacement value.

How Long Will The Pool Glass Sealant Last?

The sealant itself won’t disappear, but will slowly fade over time and you may need another coating in 5 – 10 years time, based more on your environment and how close the pool glass balustrade is to your pool.

The above pool is now three years old and as you can from this photo it is still looking new. The customer has since added a cabanana and grass area which is not in the original photo.

Pool Glass Balustrade

Pool Glass Cleaning with protective coating 3 years old and still looking new

It also depends on what type of water you have in your pool, chlorine or a salt water pool. If it is a salt water pool we would recommend having two coatings of sealant and or if your pool glass is very close to the pool i.e you get pool splash on the glass balustrades.

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