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Window Cleaning Prices

We offer competitive window cleaning prices for residential and light commercial window cleaning in the Auckland area.

As with most homes in Auckland they are all different shapes and sizes and our window cleaning prices are reflected in the amount of time we think will be required to give you a superior glass clean.

And we will clean your windows both sides using our special detergent that leaves your windows just gleaming 🙂

Unlike some window cleaners who use just water 🙁

We can clean your windows up to 3 levels using our carbon fiber poles and in some cases we can clean your outside windows from the inside using one of our unique window cleaning tools. (and it is not magnetic)

We use Google Earth to view to your home and are right 80% of the time.

Unless of course we can’t see your home then a site visit will be required.

Lets us know if you have any of the following requirements.

Your window cleaning price requirements maybe one or all of the following:

  • Clean windows exterior only price.
  • Clean windows interior only price.
  • Clean windows interior and exterior price.
  • Clean window sills
  • French Pane Windows
  • Remove paint splatter from windows
  • Clean interior and exterior of a conservatory
  • Or something else?


So why don’t you just give us a try and we will take care of your window cleaning requirements.