Self Cleaning Windows

Self Cleaning Windows…at last you can now let the rain take care of your window cleaning or at least have your windows staying cleaner longer with our hydrophobic sealant that is applied to your windows.


In the above video we have applied the sealant to half the window so that you can see the difference this will make to your window. (this window was sealed on the 29th May 2012).

The sealant is an excellent product and is ideally suited to homes that are near the sea or  if your garden has alot of pollen. The problem with pollen on windows is that once it is baked on to the glass it is actually harder to take off than paint. With the sealant it is much easier ie good old fashion water will do the trick.

As you can see below this is what happens when it rains (photo taken 3rd July 2012)

Window with sealant

Self Cleaning Windows – raining

The glass on right hand side has been sealed with our hydrophobic sealant and when it rains the water beads down the window.

This is part of the self window cleaning process and when it stops raining you will be able to see the difference in having your windows sealed.


Self Cleaning Windows

Self Cleaning Windows – after it has rained

Now it has stopped raining you can see for yourself that the self cleaning window is clear and the half of the window that wasn’t treated still has rain on it.

When this side eventually dries any sediment that came with the rain will end up drying on the glass.



The video below is of the self cleaning windows taken at different angles so you can judge for yourself the value of having your windows treated.


The key Benefits of Self Cleaning Windows

  • Reduces the frequency of your window cleaning
  • Is easier to keep clean
  • Eliminates moisture build up on windows
  • removal of pollen far easier
  • UV safe
  • Cost effective

To discover more about self cleaning windows or having a free sample when we clean your windows contact us today for a free quote.