Selling Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home?

Yes… enhance the value of your home by having your windows cleaned inside and out.

Lets face it if one dollar spent in landscaping is supposed to return five dollars, then ask yourself what value is there, if you can’t see it!

When selling your home, window cleaning is probably the last thing to do on your check list.

And what is the true value in having your windows cleaned if you are thinking about selling your home?

If landscaping is worth five to one, surely window cleaning is worth the same amount considering the investment is much lower.

Keep Your Windows Cleaner Longer

If you are selling your home and you want your windows to stay cleaner for a longer period of time then why don’t you have them sealed with our hydrophobic sealant.

Because when you are selling your home you don’t know how long it is going to take.

The benefit of the sealant is that it will prevent any hard water stains and salt water stains getting into your glass.

As these stains will remain on the surface of the sealant and a quick wipe with a micro fiber cloth and your windows will look clean again.

Does Your Shower Glass Look Like This?

Soap scum embedded in shower glass

How do you remove soap scum from shower glass?

When selling your home the two main features that you need to have looking sparkling clean is your kitchen and bathroom and one of the hardest things to remove in your bathroom is the soap scum in your shower glass.

If you tried all the products at the supermarket and had no success we can empathize with you as the main reason for this is that these products are only taking off the soap scum on the surface off the glass.


Because the soap scum isn’t on the surface of the glass but has actually embedded itself deep with in the glass and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to remove it.

We have a special product that we bring in from the USA that will remove the soap scum from your shower glass and it will leave your shower glass looking like new again.

shower glass looking like new after soap scum has been removed

Soap Scum removed from shower glass and looking new again

The key benefit of this is that it is much cheaper than having to replace your shower glass panels or doors and thus saving you time and money when selling your home.

So if you are selling your home why don’t you have windows cleaned and shower glass cleaned thus enhancing the value of your home.

Call us today and we will put together a special package for your window cleaning, window cleaning sealant and shower glass restoration.

If your haven’t found a Real Estate Agent yet then you could give one of the following a try as we have either personally cleaned either their windows, showers or boats and their clients too.

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