Shower Glass Cleaning

Shower Glass Cleaning and Restoration

Does your shower glass look like this?

Don’t be embarrassed as most chemicals you buy from the supermarkets don’t have the natural ingredients to remove the build up of soap scum or hard water stains.

Glass to the human eye looks clear hence we can see through it and to touch it feels nice and smooth.

But glass under a microscope is actually porous, hence when minerals from the water come in contact with the glass some will embed themselves into your glass along with the soap scum making shower glass cleaning extremely difficult.

Where does your water come from?

You maybe surprised that we all don’t drink or shower in the same water in Auckland. The fact it is if you live in Onehunga or surrounding area’s your water comes from a natural spring in Spring Street.

Once upon a time water was also taken from Western Springs, although now all water is drawn either from Hunua and Waitakere Ranges reservoirs.

This being the case your shower glass cleaning will take longer to clean due to the fact we have to remove not only the soap scum but all these minerals that are present within the water.

So we may need to view your shower first, before we give you a quote for your shower glass cleaning.


Why does this happen?

In simple terms water molecules and glass have similar polarities and deep within a water molecule there are positive and negative ends.

When a surface has such polar properties it is referred to as being “hydrophilic”.

This property will cause the negative end of one molecule to be attracted to a positive end of another molecule just the same way a magnetic works with a positive and negative field.

So if you wonder why shower glass cleaning takes intense scrubbing to remove the soap scum and hard water from your shower you are now a little wiser – those damp positive and negative molecules.

How do you remove the soap scum and hard water build up?

We use a proven and tested product that we import from the USA.

This product is a micronized mineral powder that is super fine, 100% natural, acid and chemical free organic polishing compound.

The powder is then mixed with water and then pasted on to the shower glass.

After a few minutes the paste will dry and bond itself to the glass.

Then the exciting part begins where we use a commercial water safe shower glass cleaning polisher to remove the compound.

This process can take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on how much soap scum and hard water build up you have on your shower.

Depending on how old your shower is and the thickness of the glass the results will vary.

Overall you will have a much cleaner shower than you had before and if you want to save  time and money shower glass cleaning, we recommend that you have your shower sealed with our hydrophobic coating.

Below is a 15 year old shower that we restored at the Metropolis Building in Auckland.

This shower glass cleaning took about 4 hours including putting our glass coating on to the shower glass to make it easier to keep clean.

Just tap on photos to see the bigger picture.

Below is a slide show of recent removal of soap scum and hard water stains from a shower.

Shower Glass Restoration Before Shower Glass Restoration Before 1 Shower Glass Restoration Drawing Paste Applied to Glass Shower Glass Restoration 3rd of the way there Shower Glass Restoration halfway there Shower Glass Restoration Complete although heavy staining of calcuim on tiles which was also on the glass Shower Glass Restoration Complete Tiles have heavy Calcuim Staining and this shower is just two years old

The above shower is only two years old, so when comes to renovating your bathroom you have to remember that you didn’t replace the water mains out on the road, that have probably been there for 50 + years (depending where you live).

The white solution that you see on the shower glass is our drawing paste which is machined off using a non scratch pad.

Hence this shower glass cleaning took about 4 hours to clean and then coat with our shower glass coating that makes it easier to keep clean.

Unfortunately customer has calcium stains on their tiles hence last photo is showing this.

What is a Hydrophobic Coating?

A Hydrophobic coating is a blend of synthetic polymers that is designed to alter the properties of glass surfaces in such a way that as to cause water to be repelled from it.

We apply two coatings of our sealant, the first coating fills all those microscopic peaks and troughs that are not visible by the human eye unless you have a very powerful microscope.

Once dried the second coating is applied thus providing a very smooth surface – you will notice the difference your shower glass feels by running your finger over the exterior glass and then running it over the interior shower glass.

You will then understand that although glass is smooth to touch it is in fact porous.

If you have a new shower we recommend having a single coating on the exterior shower glass.

As over time some soap scum will find its way to other side via shower door gap or if you leave a face cloth over the top of the shower glass the soap scum dripping will eventually find away of etching itself into your shower glass.

The video below is of a shower that has had the soap scum removed and the sealant applied so you can see how it works when you have a shower

Being an invisible shield you will notice the difference your glass will feel once the application has dried.

And it will make your shower glass cleaning a breeze as seen in the video the water beads down the glass and simple wipe and your shower is clean again.

But lets face it, even if you are too busy to give your shower a quick wipe down the water will eventually dry – but it is recommended that you that you under take shower glass cleaning once a week with our specialized cloth that will remove soap scum from the sealant.

As seen it the video below (this shower was machine cleaned a year ago and the sealant applied to the shower glass)

Ten minutes later the shower glass cleaning process is complete

How much does it cost?

Shower Glass Cleaning

Single Shower Glass Door $150.00 (or single panel of glass)

Extra Shower Glass Panel  $100.00 (on a curved shower the side panels count as one panel)

Protective Coating (we apply two coatings of our sealant)

Shower Glass Door $150.00

Extra Panel  $100.00

New Shower Glass Protective Coating

With all new showers we apply our coating twice to both sides of your shower glass.

The reason WHY is that the number showers that we have had to remove the soap scum from is sometimes on the outside of your shower glass, this can happen if you have a shelf at the top of your shower ie soap that is left up here when wet will dribble down the outside. Also we have come across customers who leave a flannel drying out over the shower glass, if this is you then eventually you will have soap scum on the outside of your shower glass too.

Also if you have new shower we can also seal all the tiles as well P.O.A

The above pricing is for your standard shower if you have a designer shower or custom built shower that falls out of the above ie 2300cm high shower glass or 1800cm shower glass panel – POA


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