UV Film Removal

How do you remove UV Film from Glass Windows?

Removing UV Film from glass windows is not as easy as it looks.

UV film

How to remove UV film from windows

The main problem is the age of the film and the fact that the film was applied to reduce UV rays coming into your home, hence it is normally only applied to your North, East and West windows that are getting the most UV sun rays.

And since glass is porous the UV film over time will bake itself into your glass windows.

The film does do it’s job, as in preventing UV rays from damaging your carpet, furniture or paintings  and most UV films will last 10 years, however as time goes on you may find that mildew or mould is starting to appear on your windows that have the UV film on it.

The dilemma you now have is the mould is actually between the film and your windows and doesn’t matter how hard you try to clean your windows you won’t be able to remove the mould or mildew.

Hence you now need to remove the UV Film from your windows so you can clean the mould from your windows.

How hard is it remove the UV Film?

How to remove UV Film from windows

How to remove UV Film from windows

As you can see in above photo someone has used a steelo to try and remove the UV Film.

And out of pure frustration they have given up. (and possibly left hairline scratches on the window)

How do we remove the UV Film?

We use a product that we discovered in the USA that helps dissolve the UV film and then by wetting the glass we use razor to remove the film.

This process normally requires two to three coatings to remove the film.

So if you would like us to deliver “The Results You Can See”  then give us a call today for a free no obligation quoteUV Film Removed

UV Film Removed

UV Film successfully removed

We recently removed UV film for a customer where the film was put on the outside of the windows instead of it being on the inside.

Hence the sun had really baked the UV film into the glass.

How to remove UV Film from windows

How to remove UV Film from windows

After applying several coating of our UV Film remover and elbow grease we eventually removed the UV Film thus saving the customer a couple of thousand dollars had he replaced the glass.

UV Film removed

UV Film successfully removed from windows