Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning North Shore to Pukekohe are the areas we cover in Auckland.

We can clean windows up to 5 levels using carbon fiber poles safely from the ground and we now use filtered water and detergent to clean your windows.

In simple terms we take your tap water or bore water and run it through a portable machine on site that removes all the dissolved minerals that are present in your water and bring the pH level down to zero.

Window Cleaning in Karaka

Window Cleaning in Karaka – lots of windows to clean here including the louvres on level 3. Bore water in Karaka – High TDS (Total dissolved solids) reading 220  Once we have processed the bore water TDS reading ZERO Leaving the windows sparkling clean 🙂

This improves the appearance of your window cleaning dramatically especially if your water is very hard and if you have ever tried cleaning your own windows only to find spots on your windows afterwards – well these are minerals that are still present in your water.

We even use this same technology to remove soap scum from shower glass and salt water stains and chlorine stains from pool glass balustrades.

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