Windshield Protection

Windshield protection is a hydrophobic treatment that is applied to the windscreen of your car, van, SUV or boat.

The key benefit of having windshield protection is that it is invisible and helps improve your visibility whilst driving in the rain. The hydrophobic sealant repels rain and the harder it falls and the faster you travel the rain droplets bead and roll off your windshield.

This video was shot on 2nd July 2012, in Ladies Mile and then Marua Road when Auckland experienced a torrential downpour of rain. Although you can’t see in the video all the other vehicles driving in the opposite direction have their windscreen wipers on full speed.

This also reduces the wear an tear of using your windscreen wipers as you will not have to use them as often.

The windshield protection will last up to 20,000 km and this can be applied from just $80.00 or you can save 25% on this treatment if you take up one of our other offers

or you could invest a little more and have all your windows sealed.

The other key benefit that the windshield protection has, is that on those cold frosty mornings when you wake up and discover that your car has a nice thin layer of ice over your windshield you just turn on your windscreen wipers and the ice will just come off – no need to put hot water on your windshield to get the ice off!

And no need to stand outside in the cold scraping the ice off.

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